Friday, December 6, 2019

day 5: installing coexistence

Finally I started to unpack, compose and assemble the 109 Slinkys one by one.

Whoops accident on the work... instead of stripping the speaker cable I cut the wires! I trying to join them but it was not working. I quickly run to Le Roy Merlin that solved the problem! The two white accessories are maintaining stable the connection and the light is back agin!!

Testing the rotating and illuminated sculptures. From the reflection in the window it looks like coexistence is also outdoor in the street!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

day 4: collaborative cover light work

In Paris is getting colder and colder but from tomorrow the temperature will raise quite a bit! While in Paris there was a huge manifestation in the street  for the general strike with police and placards, I was in my studio working all day.

I wake up early  willing to finish the covers for the lights.... All day spent on that! The tricky thing is how you can hide an object without showing that is hidden ...Luckily I had also the amazing eye and experience of Annelies, so together we managed to finish the job! Alleluia!
Tomorrow I can start to work on the coexistence installation!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

day 3: opening the parcel, check the material, lights to hide, an unexpected surprise!

This morning at 8.30 it was 1 degree celsius! The glass window was quite frosted! I was thinking to go out and visiting Paris for a change as it was sunny... but I cannot leave the studio, I need working... Being my myself, it slows down the process and I have not so much time left to the opening!

I opened the parcel and checked if any of the rotative bases have been damaged or stop working... I found one metallic disk unglued. Chris Daniel, the activation designer who made the  rotating bases, suggested to buy a rapid dry super glue to repair it. And this is what I did. When I connected it to the power to check if it was working, it worked like for all the other ones!

How to obtain a neutral ceiling so that the casting shadows can be the feature of the work? There are four black set of lights that can be covered with white fabric as well. Not an easy task because the ladder I have it is not so high. Just testing out...

I was also thinking to have a break and make most of it while I am in Paris before the rain will come for all the following week ... Pam Aitken said Paris is my oyster! Is it? I was tempting myself, when somebody knocked at the window door... Who could he/she be? WOW!!! An unexpected visit from Annelies Jahn who read about me and where I was in Paris via Facebook. Annelies is a great artist from NAS that is in Paris for the NAS three month art residency at Storrier Onslow studio at la Île de la Cité! We went to have lunch together. The first one in Paris! We ordered a nutritious organic soup and the most amazing small tart I ever had with apricot and pears!

Then we walked at Annelies' studio a l' Île de la Cité. Along the way we saw amazing monuments and buildings and romantic views of the river la Seine! 

Annelies studio is so interesting, surrounded by other studios of artists and musicians from all over the world! What a great experience today, a big  thanks to Annelies! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

day two: planning the return parcel, testing fabrics for the windows, welcoming DHL!

Le Roy Marlin (French Bunnings) gave me this card to book Le Service de Lulu, Lulu dans ma rue ! Practically if you need any help they come to your place for a very bargain price! The only thing to know is that you need to go online and register, then you will need to wait for one week before they will call you. So it will come handy as I will need strong arms in 3 weeks time ... to transport two parcel of 20 kg each of material at La Poste and send back to Sydney! 

Today I couldn't visit Paris because I was waiting for the DHL... but I wanted to call them first ... they promised that the parcel will arrive between 2 and 6 pm. I was so happy to hear this! But at 2pm they called me saying that for some unknown reason they decided to reschedule my delivery! They promise that the parcel will probably arrive tomorrow... Probably? Are you joking? I need certainty now because the time is getting shorter and I need the material to start to install!  

So I started to work with the fabrics to create a semi- dark environment for casting the shadows on the walls and ceiling during the day... I think I got it and in very economic way. White Fabric= gardening patch covers, one circular wooden rod and velcro. 

I did several time lapse videos but for some reason the video doesn't seem to work in the blog maybe because is a too large file?... and some photos... pleased to see some people stopping curios and reading my poster info!

After finishing the work I heard a knock at the door window... I have looked outside and with my greatest relieve the DHL courier arrived! He made my day! My JUMBO box is safe in the gallery, a bit damaged though, tomorrow I will check to see if everything is ok!

Monday, December 2, 2019

day one testing shadows, material research and walk on top of Paris!

Starting to assemble the springs (Slinky) in the gallery. 
What a great experience to have an art residency at Factory49 Paris, I feel really an artist! 

I waked up in the middle of the night (jet leg) to experiment with the Slinky' shadows casted onto the wall and the ceiling. 

First task is to find a way to hide the black lights on the ceiling as I will not use them! There are several small hooks as well there. Both elements are interfering with the shadows effect. How to resolve this? 

Researching white material at Le Roi Merlin ( French Bunnings)  that is just 7mins walk from Factory49 Paris!

On the opposite direction I went to search for fabric in a couture shop.... but it wa not the right one, plus it was closed. On my way back to the gallery, I decided to walk on the elevated path called Coulée Verte, surrounded by beautiful plants, birds, Parisienne buildings and winter colours!

In the morning I have called the DHL in Paris to know the status of my parcel that contains 3 rotative disks and 78 springs! I sent it from Sydney on Saturday 23 November but if I knew that the custom is a very slow process, I would have sent it one week earlier! Plus there will be in Paris a very long strike for the transport (5-8 December) ... so better to hurry up DHL!

day 5: installing coexistence

Finally I started to unpack, compose and assemble the 109 Slinkys one by one. Whoops accident on the work... instead of stripping the ...